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I have an excessive love for my family. Love is the only thing that you will never go wrong. I have a family of five; my father- who is traditionally the head of the family. My mother-who is the second in command. My self- who is the next in command after my mum, my two younger siblings; a boy and a girl. My family can be linked to such a holy family as sung in the scriptures. This is a typical example of family where love grows. This is why my love for my family has no end. My love …Read more »

There are various cultures that are nowadays followed by people around the globe. The basic idea behind inducing culture in the lives of human beings is to teach them and make them understand to live a specific moralistic and ethical way of life. The many cultures that exist in the world may seem entirely different but at the end of the day are pressing the same relevance of attaining peace and harmony in life is the same. The paths shown are too many, and the reason for existence of such different paths is due to climatic, positional change, which required …Read more »